Introductions #2 Grape Bat


Grape Bat is the Spock to Watermelon’s Kirk. Watermelon Bat likes to keep him close while on adventures, because Grape Bat is a keen observer and very well read (for a Bat that came to life from a fruit)! He is logical and thoughtful. Sometimes it’s hard to get him out of his head long enough to come on adventures, but once the Bushel gets going and there are problems to solve and new things to discover, he forgets his hesitation. To Grape Bat, nothing is more important than knowledge! He likes to tell everyone in the fruit grove about all the things that he learns, even when they might be busy with other things. Mandarin Orange likes to poke fun at him sometimes for being such a bookworm, but it’s all in fun. On a sunny day on Willowyk Island, you are most likely to find Grape Bat snuggled up with a book in the grape leaves.


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