Meet the FruitBats

The Bushel from Willowyk Island

Spreading Seeds of Friendship!

The FruitBats reside in the peaceful, warm orchard of Willowyk Island, where they were born from the trees; fruit turned bat from the magic dust of a falling star! Their early days were spent playing together in the fruit grove, learning how to use their new wings and discovering who they are while becoming friends. This blog will be about all their adventures! The first weeks will be introductions, of course. There are a dozen different Fruits in the grove, and more characters will come along as their tales are told.

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3 thoughts on “Meet the FruitBats

  1. Your FruitBats are Adorable! Your Etsy line was introduced to me by my daughter & son-in-law (Kim & Paul Daly) who ‘rave’ about your plush bats and your creative talent. They are certainly right – you are very creative and clever and your bats are SO cute.

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    1. Thank You! I have been thinking of all their stories for the last 2 years and decided the only way I will actually write them all down is to make this blog, that way I have a sort of responsibility to followers to keep writing 🙂

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