Introductions #4 Mandarin Orange Bat


Mandarin Bat is the “class clown” and also passionate about cooking! When things get serious, you can rely on him to get the mood fun again. He spends lots of his time baking, creating new tasty treats for all the Bushel to enjoy. One of his favorites is dream sickle cinnamon rolls with orange drizzle. YUM! In fact, there is a whole story based around his cooking. If you know about the CupCake Bat, you have met one of his proudest creations! She is his masterpiece, and he fell quite head over tail for her, but that’s a whole story, so we will get to it after the introductions!


Introductions #3 Batnana


The Bushel would all agree, Batnana is the cute one. And the artistic one. And the weird one. Batnana is like the little sister, even though all the bats came to life on the same night. They feel very protective of her.  She has never gotten over the fact that she is now a bat, and will follow behind the rest of the Bushel doing barrel rolls and loop-de-loops in the sheer appreciation of being able to fly! Batnana never goes anywhere without her paintbrush and is always drawing and painting. Adding to her eccentricity, Batnana is unable to speak the same language as the other bats, as she only communicates in a cute version of Jazz scat. Luckily, her best friend Strawbatty has come to understand her, and can translate to the others. Fun fact: Batnana is the only of the fruits to have an eye color other than black. Around her eyes is a sparkling blue. The others guess this is because she just seems to see the world a little differently from everyone else.


Introductions #2 Grape Bat


Grape Bat is the Spock to Watermelon’s Kirk. Watermelon Bat likes to keep him close while on adventures, because Grape Bat is a keen observer and very well read (for a Bat that came to life from a fruit)! He is logical and thoughtful. Sometimes it’s hard to get him out of his head long enough to come on adventures, but once the Bushel gets going and there are problems to solve and new things to discover, he forgets his hesitation. To Grape Bat, nothing is more important than knowledge! He likes to tell everyone in the fruit grove about all the things that he learns, even when they might be busy with other things. Mandarin Orange likes to poke fun at him sometimes for being such a bookworm, but it’s all in fun. On a sunny day on Willowyk Island, you are most likely to find Grape Bat snuggled up with a book in the grape leaves.

Introductions #1 WATERMELON BAT

Watermelon Bat

If we are going to start with introductions, it is only right to introduce Watermelon Bat first, as he is  undoubtedly the leader of the Bushel! A good moderator and loyal to his friends, he is brave and makes sure to involve everyones talents when problems arise on adventures. When something goes wrong, the Fruitbats know they can count on Watermelon to fix it. Level headed and fair, he is also a good bat to go to if there is an argument. He has made it his responsibility to keep the Bushel happy, safe, and healthy, and that means adventures! Because there is nothing more healthy than a good adventure!

Meet the FruitBats

The Bushel from Willowyk Island

Spreading Seeds of Friendship!

The FruitBats reside in the peaceful, warm orchard of Willowyk Island, where they were born from the trees; fruit turned bat from the magic dust of a falling star! Their early days were spent playing together in the fruit grove, learning how to use their new wings and discovering who they are while becoming friends. This blog will be about all their adventures! The first weeks will be introductions, of course. There are a dozen different Fruits in the grove, and more characters will come along as their tales are told.

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